Rethink your needs
Reduce your waste
Reuse your garments


According to our self-image as designers, our responsibility exceeds far beyond the actual design process. At Dzaino we want to create highly aesthetic products of exceptional quality while never losing sight of a fair, transparent and eco-friendly production process. We focus on appreciation of resources and work with techniques such as upcycling and redesign. We believe that also small labels make a difference.


Dzaino's design aesthetic focuses on a minimalistic use of form. Also, we have always been fascinated by the idea of redesigning existing material. We found our unique design approach by combining traditional patchwork techniques with used denim fabric. Rearranging the material to a clean look is at the core of our design process. We update craft techniques to create handmade, resource-friendly one of a kind pieces with a contemporary feel.

Our items are truly local products. We source our denim from a cooperation with Berliner Stadtmission and from private donations. Part of the preparation and manufacturing takes place at Delphinwerkstätten and faktura, two Berlin based workshops for people with disabilities.


There are many ways to sustainable entrepreneurship. Our approach is the reduction of waste by reusing and upcycling material. To avoid overproduction we comply on our customer's demand and don't produce large stock. All transportation in Berlin is done by bike messengers to reduce CO2 emissions. Any additional material, service providers and partnerships that count into marketing, sales and distribution have to meet sustainability requirements. As part of our zero waste philosophy Dzaino cooperates with Berlin based weaver Miriam Meyer to create rugs out of remaining material. We guarantee a repairing service for Dzaino products. Once the product is no longer useable we take care to return all material to the recycling chain for reuse or eco-friendly disposal.